Milan Fashion Week Favorites

October 6, 2016

Fashion month is officially over. Here I am- a little late- sharing with you my Milan Fashion Week favorites. I'm so glad you guys are enjoying these posts!


1. Marni


My favorite collection from Milan! I loved the color palette and utilitarian vibes. I thought the pointed toe heels were such a nice contrast to the boyish clothing.




2. Fendi


We keep seeing more and more sock boots! A very fun collection from Karl. I have to say that I think the lipstick totally killed it though :/ not in a good way.






3. Gucci


I'm really appreciating the men's stuff more. I have to admit, I'm getting pretty tired of seeing Gucci everywhere. But that doesn't mean the presentation of this collection wasn't amazing. I thought the smoke was so cool- it must have been such an experience for those attending.





4. Marco de Vincenzo


Kind of appreciating the men's stuff more again? I wasn't very familiar with this designer until recently. The sunglasses were great- I wish my face shape could pull them off!





5. Prada


I loved the beauty look they chose for the show. The slicked back hair and natural makeup allowed for the clothes to truly shine. While I don't think I'd wear any of it, I can't help but appreciate the collection. Very fun with the fur details! I know we will see a lot of fast fashion stores taking inspiration in the coming seasons.




6. Alberta Ferretti


I've never really liked Alberta Ferretti personally, but I thought this collection was different! I can totally see girls rocking the strapless leather bra tops at Coachella.




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