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How To Cope With The Cold

It's been FREEZING in New York. Here's what's been getting me through-

  • First Aid Beauty's Ultra Repair Cream- an ACTUAL lifesaver! I went a few weeks without this and my skin has never been worse. This cream revives flaky skin instantly, and it's at a great price!

  • Uniqlo Heattech- If you live in a city or have to be outdoors a lot, having a few sets of heattech to rotate through is a must. I recommend shopping online (uniqlo stores make me anxious) and picking up a turtleneck, crewneck, and legging! I have black and nude sets for layering. :) You can get enough pieces to rotate and last for years under $100!

  • MASSIVE Puffers- I actually did a shoppable post on tons of puffers at all price points! Check that out here.

what I'm still needing...


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