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From Berlin

I wanted to share my best recommendations from my two weeks in Berlin <3

But first....what I wore!

Look 1:

Prada Loafers

Belt made by Avery

Look 2:

Prada Loafers

Look 3:

For shopping:

Andreas Murkudis

The Store


Berlin Apartment

Das Neue Schwarz

Isobel Gowdie


Voo Store

Chrome Store

Paul's Boutique

For food

Berlin is vegan heaven! We ate out almost every meal <3 It's quite cheap, too!

Veganz for worry-free grocery shopping. This place is huge and there are multiple locations!

Chay Long is a really yummy vegetarian vietnamese place (which there are tons of in Berlin.) Try the vegan chicken in curry!

Two Planets for toasts and coffee. The workers are incredibly friendly and all of the food is vegan!

Holy Flat for flatbreads, bowls, local kombucha and smoothies, most things are vegan!

Brammibals Donuts for vegan donuts, coffee and sandwiches.

Pizarre for vegan pizza (but not an entirely vegan restaurant.) Open late, cash only.

La Stella Nera for all-vegan pizza, pasta and tiramisu.

Naan Indian has lots of inexpensive vegan options and huge portions! Near Mauerpark.

Fuxx & Bar is also near Mauerpark and only open on weekends. Great smoothies and bowls, but a little pricey $$.

Cat Tuong is a nice vegan vietnamese spot.

Lia's Kitchen had an incredible vegan chicken burger....pictured above. I was stuffed all day after eating here.

H&D Chay is another vegetarian vietnamese spot we stopped at!

Rawtastic for all-raw, all-vegan healthy food.

Alaska Bar for drinks and spanish tapas. This place was lovely, feels like you're in someone's home :)

Hope this can be of help <3




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