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Before I began my education at FIT, I was unaware of the amount of credible fashion news sources in the industry. I religiously read WWD when I was younger, but now I'm a fan of many different publications. During my freshman year, I was required to do current event presentations in most of my classes for a participation grade, and it really taught me to love reading the news! I've gotten a lot of questions from overwhelmed young girls asking how they can learn more about the fashion world. I always suggest to start by keeping up with what's happening NOW. Then, later on, you can dive into designer history.

If you're interested in learning more, these outlets are a great place to start.

I think this is my favorite! I find that BOF consistently produces quality content and is always one of the first to report. The site also has an abundant library of designer and business profiles, which makes learning really easy!

WWD is an industry trade journal that posts daily articles discussing topics relating to trends, retail, design, finance, advertising and social media. You've probably heard it referred to as "the bible of fashion".

This is undoubtedly the best source for obtaining legal fashion news. I suggest you follow the founder, Julie Zerbo. She's the ultimate girlboss and I really admire her for her hard work and confidence.

The SmartBrief is a daily newsletter sent out by the National Retail Federation. I didn't begin reading this until second semester of my freshman year as it was required reading for my contemporary retail class. It is not solely fashion news, but is a great way to stay updated on what's happening in the retail world.

For watching past and present runway shows, this is my favorite YouTube channel.

If you're interested in listening to industry insiders speak on panels, this channel is great.


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