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Interiors Wishlist + Favorite Brands


One of my favorite places to search for interior inspiration is Totokaelo's NYC flagship. A lot of what I've featured below came from the "Art-Object" section of their site. Here's my wishlist, along with some brand favorites (not sponsored!)

I actually just ordered myself a small set of plates and bowls from Hasami because I got them for a great price on! I'm hoping to build a nice collection as I age since it is quite the investment.

The black Hasami collection is hand-molded from a mixture of clay materials.

Tabletop + bedside carafes by Kati Von Lehman...

These are a pretty pricy but I hope to own one someday soon! Ideally:

- the beige carafe would be on a long kitchen table in a massive open space with high ceilings and concrete floors

-the black carafe would be on a bed side table

My next big investment will be a Sunao steel flatware set. Anything but basic.


And some general inspiration...

Sterling Ruby


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