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The Shelf: 01

A new series:

The Shelf

My fashion news weekly roundup.


My favorite sources for fashion news:

The Business of Fashion

The Fashion Law


For panels about shows, editorial content & interviews:


Topshop provides students with a free membership to BOF Professional- this allows you unlimited access to exclusive articles related to the industry. I highly recommend doing this if you're at all interested in keeping up with current events!

Check out my favorite articles this week:

"Hey Fashion, Not Everything That is Similar is 'Copied'"

"Gucci's Rise Signals a New Model for Fashion"

"Forecasting or Dictating: A Look Inside the Selection of Pantone’s New Colors"

"Green Carpet Award Turn Focus to Sustainability at Close of Milan Fashion Week"

I know I some of you are younger and looking into fashion school- I thought these articles could be helpful!

"How to Get Into the Best Fashion Schools"

"Is Fashion Education Selling a False Dream?"


image credit: Calvin Klein SS18, Vogue Runway


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