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The time has finally come! STAATSBALLETT will be available for purchase 12/10/17 at 4pm eastern via We're incredibly excited to share what we've been working on this year.

A run-through of the collection...

As you can tell, everything is unisex, but not in a super marketable way. Just in a wear whatever you want sort of way! I'm sure we'll get plenty of questions on how and where things are made (as we should!) All of our products are produced in luxury factories in the Garment District, New York City. We're very proud of that! I'm in our factories all the time so I'm familiar with the working conditions. Quality control is also much easier!

I'm always asked what my favorite piece is, and the truth is, it's really hard for me to choose! I'm probably the most proud of our double-breasted jacket, simply because it was the most difficult and costly piece to make (27 pattern pieces!!!) Our Industrial Shirt is a favorite for many reasons, but the fact that it's made primarily out of recycled plastic probably ranks highest. Also, the construction is stunning; who knew you could make workwear seem elegant? As I'm typing this, I'm having to stop myself from going into detail on every piece. Avery and I plan on doing a sort of walk-through/Q&A soon on our channels for further explanations and details on the inspiration behind our pieces. <3

I did a blog post recently that shares some behind the scenes images- factory shots, fabric deliveries, sourcing trips and various shoot days are included. You can check that out here.

I truly wouldn't be able to accomplish this without any of you guys, Avery, or my experience from school and internships. I relentlessly critique unpaid internships, but sometimes you really do gain some great knowledge from them! You just have to know when it's time to leave. We've actually received a lot of emails asking if we needed interns! We definitely need help (haha) but we want to wait until we are more organized, can provide $$, and a real learning experience. If you're genuinely interested in that sort of opportunity, we've started a file of resumes! You can send to

Speaking of that! We'd also love to hear from any of you that would be willing to share your talents on upcoming projects with us. Artists, photographers, models, dancers, chefs....if you have an idea, we want to listen!

Interested in browsing more of our creative images? Here ya go.

Thank you so much <3


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